Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Visit to Dhabeji

Dr. Shahab is a very selfless man, working for Karachi flood relief camps continuously for two months. He is not just trying to raise funds for different needs in camps, but also spending his precious time in these camps on daily basis. Our group has many times collaborated with him for relief work in Karachi camps.

He came to know about some families which had migrated from Sajawal after flood arrival and now living in a school at Dhabeji, but due to the location of school is far from the main road, they were not getting any aid from anywhere. So, when Dr. Shahab told us about them, Dr. Kashif and Dr. Asad along with Omer tried to manage some funds for food and medicine so we could provide relief as much as possible.

On last Sunday, Omer and Dr. Shahab planned to visit the school at Dhabeji. In the School there were approximately 6o people including women and children.

Dr. Asad provided 100 kg rice, 100 kg flour, 20 kg pulses, soaps, salt, spices, biscuits and 10 feeders for infants. Dr. Shahab brought some new and used clothes for women, children and few for men. Omer brought 12 trays of milk packs (81 Liters of milk).

On their way to Dhabeji, Saboor who is a friend of Omer joined them from Gulshan-e-Hadeed and managed to bring (120 Liters) of water on urgent basis. He also accompanied both of them for Dhabeji.

They co-ordinated with Dr. Kashif and met him at steel town, who was going to visit makli and Thatta for some rehabilitation planning survey. He provided them medicines for the medical camping.

They reached the camp at 1 pm, distributed the stuff, held a small medical camp and came back till 5:30 pm in the evening.

The program was arranged at very last moments on Saturday night, but thanks to Allah our team managed well and done it successfully.

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