Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Further Pictures of Sukkur and Kashmor Trip


  1. You went along with..?
    I mean with the army or some NGO..?

  2. I went along with some of my friends. If you will read some of earlier posts, you will find the details.

    We worked there in Sind without any security or help of any NGO or forces, but even then we worked in a better way than others. We reached to those people who could not find place in any camp and living on their own, we helped them because there were no aids reaching to them. Also, we are only some people working without any benefit and so we discuss things and take decisions independently where would our work be more needed. Until now we had three to four trips to interior Sind and all were very successful. I am slowly posting details of rest of the trips. On Eid we have planned to target three areas in Sind.

  3. This work you and your friends are doing gives me "goosebumps" which you know means unusually moving! I am amazed at the love, service, listening and community obvious in the photos.

    I now want to get word on this effort out far and wide. Hopefully, Insha Allah, I'll find a way pretty soon.

    May God Bless you and your "team members" very deeply and richly...And so beautiful that you are planning to spend your Eid this way...

  4. Connie, thank you so much. Your encouragement is always a blessing for me. I wanted to post details of Makli trip but in these few days we were very busy to collect some funds for the Eid visit. Today, we are going to a camp of almost 1500 people in order to distribute bangles and mehndi and some food stuff for Eid, so they can feel some happiness tomorrow on Eid day. We had planned to buy new clothes for them but due to the shortage of funds, we could not manage it. So, what is now needed is the financial support so we can continue this work.