Monday, September 20, 2010

The objectives that are achieved......


1. Dr. Kashif

2. Urooj

3. Dr. Hena

4. Omer

5. Mehmood

6. Ahsan

7. Dr. Najia

8. Dr. Nausheen

9. Komal

10. Rizwan

Visit to Moro and Hyderabad:

1. Medicines were taken of a cost 1,25,000 Rupees.

2. 825 cooked food packets were provided of a cost 85,000 Rupees.

3. 1000 mineral water bottles, 800 milk packs, 800 juices of a cost about 50,000 Rupees.

Visit to Sukkur, Kashmore and Kandh Kot:

1. Water coolers with 10 days rashan were distributed to 200 families in Kashmore, Guddu and Badhani where as to 225 families in Sukkur and Khairpur with a cost of 1200 per cooler and a total cost of 5,10,000 Rupees.

2. Medicines of 1,25,000 were carried out in order to held medical camps at different places.

3. Mineral water bottles, milk packs and juices 1000 each were distributed of cost about 50,000 Rupees.

Visit to Makli, Thatta and Sajawal:

1. Medicines were taken of a cost about 1 lac Rupees and utilized 40%

2. 100 ready made clothes were distributed.

3. Juices, milk packs, mineral water bottles, mosquito coils, match boxes were distributed of a cost about 30,000 Rupees.

4. Rashan to 1000 families was provided for 15 days in two trucks.

Eid Visits:

1. Visit to Yusuf Goth camp Karachi:

1. 2000 milk packs and biscuits were distributed of a cost about 25,000 Rupees.

2. 750 pieces of bangles and mehndi and 50 pieces of clothes were distributed of a cost about 60,000 Rupees.

2. Visit to Tando Muhammad Khan and Ganjo takar:

1. 15 days rashan was provided to 1000 families in 2 trucks.

2. Medical facility was provided to about 600-800 people with a cost of medicines about 50,000 Rupees.

3. Visit to Sukkur and Pannu Aqil:

1. Hampers containing floor, rice, sugar, tea, soap, match box, utensils cost around 1300- 1500 Rupees per hamper distributed among 200 families.

2. Clothes for female, male, children got from home, friends and relatives, also 150 female and 150 children clothes were purchased of a cost 50,000 Rupees and distributed.

3. Toys and sweets and biscuits for children were distributed.

4. Also mineral water and milk which were donated by some friends were distributed.

Visit to Yusuf Goth Karachi:

Medical facility was provided to 400 people, mostly children & women.


  1. Till the day, our group has spent 20 to 25 lac Rupees for the relief of flood victims and used on Rashan, Food items and medicines.

    Now we are heading towards the second plan of our target. Along with this relief work, we are going to start the rehabilitation period. I request to all of you to help, support and if any kind of help you can provide to us. Please feel free to contact us.

  2. Mashallah! Keep up the good work!

    May Allah bestow His blessings on the people who have suffered the consequences of the flood. Ameen

  3. MashaAllah! indeed a very good effort to help the needy!Only Allah can reward all of you people!

  4. What an ongoing inspiration & I'm sure will save and improve many man precious lives over much time.

    After Aafia's sentencing, I hope to work with you and Khurram Ali Shafique to make up several posts of your venture here to help the destitute in such a practical and spiritual way as well as letters I can send out.

    I am waiting to do this right so that BOTH Pakistan and Americans will know EXACTLY the best way to support these efforts.

    How I wish that I had been able to do such broadcastings earlier...but was rightfully given special gentle implication of need to wait to do this most carefully...

    You know my heart and many prayers are with you on everything you do.

  5. Aimy, Reebz and chile thank you for this encouragement.

  6. Connie, your presence here on this blog and your words are blessings for me. I know that you will certainly co-operate to extend this work with us and I am waiting for you.

    I know your are always praying for us and our purpose. Thank you so much.