Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Project of rehabilitation: Successfully accomplished

As earlier I had posted that we have now started the rehabilitation process for the flood affected people. And for the first project, we have successfully helped to built six houses for almost forty people to again start their routine life in the area of Sajawal. These are some pictures of construction of those houses.

We further want to continue this rehabilitation work as more families are still in need of help in order to rehabilitate their lives once again, but we are short of funds. Also, there upcoming the winters and flood victims are in urgent need of warm clothes and other necessities as we all know that Nights in Sindh are so cold during winters. We have also planned to collect funds as much as possible till the Eid-ul-Azha which is coming in mid of November and to provide as much aid to those flood affected people as we can. I therefore request to all of you that please don't think that there is no need to help further, still there are thousands of people who are suffering for a single meal, the change in weather also has spread some serious diseases and they still are waiting for our help, so please spread this word and join our hands to facilitate them and their needs.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rehabilitation initiation

As, I have discussed in my previous post that we have surveyed different places where houses were destroyed and now flood victims want to rebuild their houses. Now, the work on the selected sites has been started, here are some pictures for that.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Plan of Rehabilitation

As I had discussed earlier that now we are moving towards the rehabilitation plan. For this purpose, different team members have different tasks. We wanted to have a detailed survey about the people, places and other important things.

Last Sunday, Dr. Kashif visited Sajawal, Makli, Bathoro and Daro for this purpose. As an initial phase and using as a model, we are helping six families to build their houses. We have planned to build three cottages, two wash rooms and a hand pump. Estimated cost for each cottage is 110,000 to 125,000 Pak rupees.

We have got funds of around 315,000 rupees and trying for further. Here are the some videos of the affected areas, after effects of flood, areas where houses will be built and affected people mobilized from camps.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Visit to Dhabeji

Dr. Shahab is a very selfless man, working for Karachi flood relief camps continuously for two months. He is not just trying to raise funds for different needs in camps, but also spending his precious time in these camps on daily basis. Our group has many times collaborated with him for relief work in Karachi camps.

He came to know about some families which had migrated from Sajawal after flood arrival and now living in a school at Dhabeji, but due to the location of school is far from the main road, they were not getting any aid from anywhere. So, when Dr. Shahab told us about them, Dr. Kashif and Dr. Asad along with Omer tried to manage some funds for food and medicine so we could provide relief as much as possible.

On last Sunday, Omer and Dr. Shahab planned to visit the school at Dhabeji. In the School there were approximately 6o people including women and children.

Dr. Asad provided 100 kg rice, 100 kg flour, 20 kg pulses, soaps, salt, spices, biscuits and 10 feeders for infants. Dr. Shahab brought some new and used clothes for women, children and few for men. Omer brought 12 trays of milk packs (81 Liters of milk).

On their way to Dhabeji, Saboor who is a friend of Omer joined them from Gulshan-e-Hadeed and managed to bring (120 Liters) of water on urgent basis. He also accompanied both of them for Dhabeji.

They co-ordinated with Dr. Kashif and met him at steel town, who was going to visit makli and Thatta for some rehabilitation planning survey. He provided them medicines for the medical camping.

They reached the camp at 1 pm, distributed the stuff, held a small medical camp and came back till 5:30 pm in the evening.

The program was arranged at very last moments on Saturday night, but thanks to Allah our team managed well and done it successfully.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The objectives that are achieved......


1. Dr. Kashif

2. Urooj

3. Dr. Hena

4. Omer

5. Mehmood

6. Ahsan

7. Dr. Najia

8. Dr. Nausheen

9. Komal

10. Rizwan

Visit to Moro and Hyderabad:

1. Medicines were taken of a cost 1,25,000 Rupees.

2. 825 cooked food packets were provided of a cost 85,000 Rupees.

3. 1000 mineral water bottles, 800 milk packs, 800 juices of a cost about 50,000 Rupees.

Visit to Sukkur, Kashmore and Kandh Kot:

1. Water coolers with 10 days rashan were distributed to 200 families in Kashmore, Guddu and Badhani where as to 225 families in Sukkur and Khairpur with a cost of 1200 per cooler and a total cost of 5,10,000 Rupees.

2. Medicines of 1,25,000 were carried out in order to held medical camps at different places.

3. Mineral water bottles, milk packs and juices 1000 each were distributed of cost about 50,000 Rupees.

Visit to Makli, Thatta and Sajawal:

1. Medicines were taken of a cost about 1 lac Rupees and utilized 40%

2. 100 ready made clothes were distributed.

3. Juices, milk packs, mineral water bottles, mosquito coils, match boxes were distributed of a cost about 30,000 Rupees.

4. Rashan to 1000 families was provided for 15 days in two trucks.

Eid Visits:

1. Visit to Yusuf Goth camp Karachi:

1. 2000 milk packs and biscuits were distributed of a cost about 25,000 Rupees.

2. 750 pieces of bangles and mehndi and 50 pieces of clothes were distributed of a cost about 60,000 Rupees.

2. Visit to Tando Muhammad Khan and Ganjo takar:

1. 15 days rashan was provided to 1000 families in 2 trucks.

2. Medical facility was provided to about 600-800 people with a cost of medicines about 50,000 Rupees.

3. Visit to Sukkur and Pannu Aqil:

1. Hampers containing floor, rice, sugar, tea, soap, match box, utensils cost around 1300- 1500 Rupees per hamper distributed among 200 families.

2. Clothes for female, male, children got from home, friends and relatives, also 150 female and 150 children clothes were purchased of a cost 50,000 Rupees and distributed.

3. Toys and sweets and biscuits for children were distributed.

4. Also mineral water and milk which were donated by some friends were distributed.

Visit to Yusuf Goth Karachi:

Medical facility was provided to 400 people, mostly children & women.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Visit of Thatta, Makli and Sajawal

As I have told already that after a successful visit to Sukkur for the flood relief camp, all members of this small but courageous group were willing to continue their efforts till the very end of rehabilitation of these people to their original position.

Some of our team members also worked with another group of young men during these days, so when we planned our next visit to Makli, Thatta and Sajawal as Sajawal was the most recent flood affected area and number of people migrated from there was huge, we collaborated with those people.

On weekend i.e. 4th September after Sehri we moved towards Dhabeji & Bhanbor where our medical van facilitated around 100 suffering masses. Then we reached G.P.S Gharo, where food items and medical aid was provided to around 30 families. At about 1 p.m. we reached Makli. The place of dead souls is no more silent, one can hear cries of hungry masses everywhere. In Makli, we provided milk, drinking water, food items and medical facilities to around 800 people including children. Later on, we moved towards Sajawal. On the way we covered flood victims on Thatta-Sajawal bypass and provided food items to them. Although we couldn't enter into Sajawal city due to flood water yet we covered flood victims on surroundings.

There, we provided medical facilities and cooked food to 1000 plus people. Beside this, our other team with which we were collaborating at the same time, distributed rashan of 10 days to around 500 families.

Pictures of Makli, Thatta and Sajawal visit