Friday, September 10, 2010

Visit of Thatta, Makli and Sajawal

As I have told already that after a successful visit to Sukkur for the flood relief camp, all members of this small but courageous group were willing to continue their efforts till the very end of rehabilitation of these people to their original position.

Some of our team members also worked with another group of young men during these days, so when we planned our next visit to Makli, Thatta and Sajawal as Sajawal was the most recent flood affected area and number of people migrated from there was huge, we collaborated with those people.

On weekend i.e. 4th September after Sehri we moved towards Dhabeji & Bhanbor where our medical van facilitated around 100 suffering masses. Then we reached G.P.S Gharo, where food items and medical aid was provided to around 30 families. At about 1 p.m. we reached Makli. The place of dead souls is no more silent, one can hear cries of hungry masses everywhere. In Makli, we provided milk, drinking water, food items and medical facilities to around 800 people including children. Later on, we moved towards Sajawal. On the way we covered flood victims on Thatta-Sajawal bypass and provided food items to them. Although we couldn't enter into Sajawal city due to flood water yet we covered flood victims on surroundings.

There, we provided medical facilities and cooked food to 1000 plus people. Beside this, our other team with which we were collaborating at the same time, distributed rashan of 10 days to around 500 families.


  1. Great effort indeed. I have included this blog on the blogroll of my blogs, Khurram's Desk and Republic of Rumi.